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The Message

The example shows the lessons page for the BC Athletics website. The goal here was to use powerful imagery, combined with a clear message and call-to-actions in order to attract and entice customers to inquire more information about lessons, memberships, events, and more.

Data Collection

Using simple data collection techniques, I implemented contact forms and the ability to add visitors to different email lists, depending on what they were interested in. Visitors to the site who are interested in teams, camps or other events that may not be available at the specific time, will receive email notifications once those features or events are available. Emails will be sent out specifically to interested parties, enabling BC Athletics to reach out to interested parties, generating sales and signups for events & services.

Visual Proof

With hitting instruction being one of the main focuses of the business, it was important to establish that Brett knows his stuff. There were plenty of videos available of Brett hitting home runs and making great plays on the field. These videos were important, because they provided visual proof that Brett knows more than enough to help hitters with their swing, for better results.

The same goes for his approach to life, which is a big part of his business. The Increase video was embedded to help parents and athletes get to know Brett better, and gain insight into his philosophy and approach at the game and life.


It’s one thing to make bold claims and promise the world to your customers, but it’s another to back it up and provide endorsements and testimonials of people who have actually succeeded. That’s exactly what we set out to do with the testimonials page, which lists endorsements and recommendations from pro athletes, to coaches, parents of athletes, and even high school & college students.

People want to see results, and when athletes are finding success directly because of your teachings, people want to hear that, too. The goal with the site is to establish Brett as a trustworthy and reliable authority on hitting.

Building Authority

Combining videos of Brett’s success with testimonials and endorsements from other athletes coaches, and parents establishes Brett as an authority. Their testimonials also reinforce the overall message that Brett doesn’t just teach baseball, but each also helps each player grow as an individual, building confidence and a strong character.

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Events & Services: Showcases

BC Athletics has a variety of services, ranging from practice rentals, to hitting, pitching, and fielding instruction. It was important to use vivid, powerful imagery in a dramatic way to capture the essence of the game, while delivering a strong message of trust, authority, and truth to anyone who visits the site.

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