PTM Edge Ski & Wake Products

WordPress Website Rebuild: Oak Ridge, TN

For: Rick Laney Marketing

PTM Edge is a ski and Wakeboard mirror and bracket manufacturer in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Their original website was built in a way that made it extremely difficult to edit it, add to it, or optimize it for search engines. The company had no control over their website, or their ability to utilize it in the future.

We were asked to rebuild the website in a way that would enable the company to add products, make changes and effective market and promote their website.

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PTM Edge Website Design in Oak Ridge TN
bracket finder
bracket finder results PTM Edge website

WordPress Customization

Custom Functionality

We needed to recreate the custom bracket finder in WordPress, which sorted a combination of over 6,000 years, makes and models of boats and the brackets that fit them. This feature is updated annually with the latest years, makes, models and new products that are available.


Find a Retailer

Another problem we had to solve was how we would enable users to find a retailer by zipcode. this allows visitors to either click on their state, or they could enter their zipcode, enabling visitors to see a list of PTM Edge Product retailers.

Find a retailer
PTM Edge Dealer Directory


(Dealer Directory)

When someone searches for a retailer, the results are displayed as a directory, with the closest location showing first. Not only is the company listed, it shows how far from the person each location is, as well as their website address, phone number, and street address.

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