UT Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Website: Knoxville, TN

For: Rick Laney Marketing

UT Federal Credit Union’s website design was a challenge, simply due to the pure size of the project. We worked closely with the marketing executives, as well as the Vice president at the time. There were several other challenges, such as third-party integrations, and strict hosting requirements. The UT Federal Credit Union website was launched successfully, strengthening the brand and making it easier for members to use features such as online banking. We streamlined the entire website, making it easier to find the information you are looking for.

UT Federal Credit Union, Knoxville TN Website Design

The website was no small undertaking, so UT Federal Credit Union wanted to make sure they entrusted the task to someone who could handle a large project, while working closely with staff, listening to input, and solving problems and concerns that arose throughout the site. Our goal was to create a beautiful website that the staff and the company as a whole could be proud of, while providing a simplistic user experience that any UT Federal Credit Union member would be happy with.

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